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Why Women Cheat

Research done by the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research states that 22% of husbands and 15% of wives cheat on their spouse.

While it has certainly become easier with websites that offer discreet local hookups with other people, there are other psychological motivators that lead to infidelity.  Every case is unique, but for most women that cheat on their husbands or boyfriends, one of the following reasons:

1.  Escape

One reason women cheat is to have easy excuse to get out of their current relationship.  Many women who do this aren’t even aware they are doing it.  It may actually be totally subconscious on the part of the cheating woman. However, for women who are doing this, they use an affair as an excuse to leave their current relationship.  The  search for an affair is really a desperate attempt to escape reality.

Because of this, some women deep down WANT to be caught. If the affair is revealed to the current partner, it opens the door for them to leave.  Typically women who engage in this type of cheating are EXTREMELY passive-agressive.

2.  Lack of Intimacy

Everyone feels a need to be close to others. Feeling close gives people a sense of importance and self-worth. Many people find it nearly impossible to live without the reassurance that being intimate provides. If a woman’s current relationship lacks intimacy, she may suffer from self-esteem issues and may even think that she is not valuable to her current partner.

She may think that there is something wrong with her. By having an affair, she is able to reaffirm that she has value as well as establish intimacy with someone. This intimacy is one of the most common reasons that women cheat because it is directly related to feeling valuable and valued by another.

3.  Revenge

Another reason why women cheat is in revenge for past wrongs.  Maybe she found out her husband was on Ashley Madison or some other intimate affair website.  When the women perceives that her partner has wronged her in some way, whether by cheating or not, she may want to punish her partner.

The woman sees her affair as punishment for the person who has wronged her. She may feel that her partner will experience the kind of emotional turmoil that she did when she was wronged in whatever way, so that the cheating is justified. This is another passive aggressive response.

3.  Lack of Communication

Psychological studies show that women value communication in a relationship much more than men.  The absence of meaningful communication will make them look outside of the marriage for such a connection.  Sometimes that communication is with a best friend or a co-worker, but that type of relationship can quickly evolve into an affair because of the high value a woman will place on their communication.

4.  Lack of Physical Time Together

When men and women start leading their lives separately, it slowly fractures the relationship.  This is actually one of the main reasons why men cheat also.  If their interests, friends, and experiences are no longer the same, the level of attraction with someone who shares those commonalities increases. When a woman does find someone, she may attribute the fact that she has more things in common with him as a sign that she is in the wrong relationship.

5.  Abuse

If a woman is abused emotionally, verbally or physically by their husbands, they may see an affair as a shelter from their reality.  They become so unhappy that they long for safety, escape, happiness and someone to save them from their misery.  Many women cheat in order to subconsciously wreck the marriage so that they can permanently leave.

6.  Financial Problems

Financial problems are the main stress for married couples.  That stress can lead to a woman seeking some form of outside relief or stability in another man.  This is especially true if the other person can provide affection and has the financial capacity to eliminate the problems that the woman sees in her current relationship. The illegal liaison becomes more attractive if the third party exhibits acceptance of the woman’s kids and willingly provides financial support for them to alleviate the budgetary problems of the suffering wife.


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