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Who I Am

About me:  My real name isn’t Dan (you really think I’m going to put my real name on a site that talks about cheating on spouses?  Yeah right).  But the name “DansDatingDisaster” rolls off the tongue so well.

Just so everyone knows, this site is not affiliated with Ashley Madison at all.  AT ALL.  I’m pretty sure that is pretty apparent ,but I want to make it clear that this site is not associated with them at all.

This website started out as a test.  A test to see one guy and a website could uncover unethical business practices.  Most of the positive reviews you see about Ashley Madison come from sites that are getting paid to talk about Ashley Madison.

Things on this website are purely my opinion.  I have based my opinion upon the experiences of the many negative reviews that seem to be buried or unfindable on the internet.  I had to do some deep digging.  However, here is a link to all my sources.  I believe everything I write on this website to be factual, however, it is important to remember that everything written is just my opinion, nothing more.

I personally have never used Ashley Madison.  But I do know people who have who have lost gobs of money from the site.

The main purpose for this site is to see if I could bring a wider range of reviews and opinions about Ashley Madison to the forefront so that customers could make good decisions.

On this site, I make recommendations for Ashley Madison alternatives.  If you check the sites out, I don’t receive anything.  However, if you visit the sites, like what you see, and decide to use their services, a few of them have decided to reward me by giving me a small (like not enough to buy lunch) monetary amount if you use their services.



When I started this site, it was just to give my own personal experience, but since I’ve started it, I’ve had others contact me through the site and tell me that they all have had similar experiences as well, and a surprising amount of them have been willing to write and share them on this blog.

edit:  Well apparently there are a few people that have had success with Ashley Madison, they just said that you have to approach it differently than everyone else does.  Even though I started the site because I was mad, Its been over year and I’m over it, so for those who have had positive experiences and wanted to write about it, I’m allowing them to post on my blog as well.

If you want to share your experiences, write your experience in the contact form on the contact me page and I’ll share it.