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Tips on First Encounters

If first impression lasts, first encounters are also important. Both could either start or end outright a possibility of a relationship. Here are tips on how to make great first impressions on first encounters.

Be the person you really are, only neater than usual

People have been told a million times to “”always be yourself”” that it has become a cliche. But if one wants to make a relationship out of Internet dating, one has to be the person he or she really is. It will not be much of a relationship if much of it is about pretending to be the person invented online. Be an improved version of yourself during first meetings. This means that if you are a kind of girl who only wear jeans and t-shirt, then wear those during the first meeting so that the guy will not be confused of the personalities from the Internet and in person. To be a sexier you, try wearing a t-shirt that shows off your cleavage. If you are not into make-up, a dash of lip gloss and powder for the night will not kill you. If a man is into cargo shorts, then by all means, wear it on your first date (as long as you are not planning to take her to a five star hotel for dinner). However, if you usually do not comb your hair, please respect your date and put on some gel.

List down possible topics

If you have been dating online, both parties already know what the other person is into. Keep tabs of that and make a list of things that you can talk about on the date. Do not be shy to put it on paper. You can look at it discretely during the date but if you admit that you have a list of topics to talk about, it is not a demerit on your part. It actually makes you cuter. It is cuter on the man though than on the woman. The importance of the list is that it is different when you talk in person compared to being online. The most obvious difference is that you can delete and edit a hundred times what you chat but not what you say in person.

Smile a lot

A smile can make a person more beautiful or handsome. Try observing people around you and notice that there is a certain kind of “”amor”” on people who smile a lot. A smile is very important in first encounters. Just do not overdo it or you will just look weird and “”trying hard.”” Also, if you smile, the tendency is your date will be smiling back at you or with you.

Do not give out too much details

For security purposes, since you and your date are only on your first meeting and are still trying to establish trust, do not give away too much information about yourself. This is a very important rule especially when in Ashley Madison.

First encounters are the foundation of a possible relationship so know the basics.

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