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The Ills of Internet Dating

Majority of couples who met through Internet dating did not succeed. However, most of those reported are either those that are successful in marrying couples and those that ended up in danger. Both situations though compose only a small percentage of the total number that have resorted to dating through the Internet.

The majority

What do you really know about people you meet online? Data are easily assembled so that it should not be a surprise when a woman who is supposed to meet a 20-something yuppie ended up face-to-face with a 50-year-old with a beer-belly, instead. There are also those who were honest enough about their demographics but turned out to be devoid of personality in person. This is not even their fault because some people are just much more confident creating lines in front of the computer rather than talking to a real person. Still, there are others who are so good with first impressions but cannot sustain the wonderful picture painted. A great number of people also fall in love with the picture they saw online. While the same cute face is looking up at them in person, it seems like there is no chemistry between them.

Try and try again

If there are people claiming to be successful in Internet dating, they must have tried it a hundred times and finally hit the jackpot on the 101st try. Most people try their lucks over and over again dating online. It is not an easy task finding love the “”new fashioned”” way.

Why people still try

Dating is difficult in the real world. For women, most feel that their ideal men are either already taken or are gay. For men, it is difficult to approach women. However, the game is different online. It does not need outright revelation of the physical appearance. Sometimes, when “”love”” and attachment are already established, the physical appearance becomes a minor inconvenience. However, whether those love and attachment online can translate to love and attachment in person is a different story.

The dangers

Of course, a number of those who underwent dating online became part of statistics for rape or other forms of assault. There were also cases of robbery and worse, some turned up dead. These are the dangers of dating through the Internet and the main reason why some advocates are hoping this would stop while others are asking for legislation of certain laws that would regulate this kind of dating.

The worst kind

There are dangers of dating and there are also “”bad”” kinds of dating services online. One example of this is the Ashley Madison dating service that centers on dating for married people. How terrible it is to advocate cheating on couples. It is bad enough that cheating happens during unexpected moments. But for a company to actually push people to cheat is a cheap way of making money.

To conclude, a great majority of people that are into Internet dating fail at it, with a few successes and a few others that ended in crime.

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