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Marital Affair Is for Men

Marital affair have always been more common with men rather than with women. Ashley Madison, the dating website for married people, is supposed to even that up. It is a dating site where married people subscribe to and start exchanging messages for a possible affair. However, even in the website exclusively for married couple, men are just more into it.


It is a fact that there are hundreds more men in the website compared to women. The fact that there are fewer women and that the women are considered to be “”conservative”” just adds to the aggravation of men. Also in the statistics, there are more men complaining via about not getting a lot of sex through the website when they are there in order to have an affair to escape their sexless marriage.

Women still want to be chased

Granting that the women on the website are married women who want to have an affair, it does not mean that these women will just take their clothes off the moment the man sends out a message. Women, though infidels, still want to be chased. They still want to feel beautiful, they still want to be “”wanted.”” These women are willing to have a marital affair because they are no longer “”wanted”” at home. So women are disgusted when these married men send out a message of their sexual fantasy after only five minutes of chatting. Women can live without having sex, but men cannot. So if men want to have sex, they should at least work at it.

Men do not want to chase

Men do not like relationships but they love sex. When they are already married, this means that that is the only relationship that they can handle. In fact, in many stories of cheating men, they never leave their wives for the mistresses. It is a fact that men in a relationship just want to have what he cannot have at home.

Why marriage lessens sex

For one, women have too much to do that sex does not become a priority. So even if how many times the husband asks for sex, the woman would either nag about being too tired or just brush the man aside. This could have a negative effect on the man. The man might no longer ask for sex for fear of being nagged or brushed aside. They would rather find sex elsewhere. On the other hand, the man does not want to have sex with the wife anymore because when the wife is too tired with household chores, she tends to forget her own upkeep. The house may look beautiful but she just looks tired.

The compromise

Living together for years breeds familiarity. This is why the man does not chase the woman anymore. On the other hand, the woman does not find the need to be beautiful anymore. This should not be the case. There should be a compromise. The man should continue to chase while the woman should make sure she is “”chaseable.””

When a compromise is achieved, there is no more need for a marital affair.

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