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Real Ashley Madison Reviews

Do You Want to Read Some Real Ashley Madison Reviews?

All over the World Wide Web, there are countless positive reviews for the Ashley Madison adult dating website; basically, this website is supposed to unite people who want no-strings-attached sex outside of their long-term relationships.

Whether you’re married, living with someone, or just dating a steady boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re supposed to gain access to sexy prospective lovers who will turn your world upside down and offer you to sort of romantic thrills that you’re missing out on.

It’s all meant to be safe, discreet and really erotic. It sounds great, doesn’t it? I mean, who doesn’t fantasize about finding sexual bliss with a beautiful stranger? The problem with the Ashley Madison website is that is just doesn’t deliver on its promises; in fact, sad to say, the whole Ashley Madison scam will leave a very bad taste in your mouth and take money out of your pocket.

Follow Our Ashley Madison Tips to Avoid Getting Burned

After my own experiences at this adult dating website, the “glowing” Ashley Madison reviews that I read online literally make me LOL (laugh out loud).  I mean, how could I possibly have believed the inflated claims that these so-called clients of Ashley Madison made? All of these reviewers told stories of hot sexual hook-ups that were straight out of a men’s magazine; in retrospect, these Penthouse Forum-style adventures really didn’t seem believable.

Too many men have been duped by these reviews, just like I was, and I’d like you to know that that your sexual fantasies will never be fulfilled via the Ashley Madison website. My main Ashley Madison tips are, “Don’t believe the positive reviews!”, and “Never give this website a single cent!”

I’ve never found a single sex partner on the site, and neither has any other guy that I’ve spoken to.  They have all “struck out”.  And it isn’t that we aren’t good looking or that women aren’t interested.  I did just fine at JustHookup.

Don’t Believe the Ashley Madison Hype

When you first sign up, you have to keep spending more and more cash on “credits” that you can use to contact women that you want to hook up with; of course none of us (some handsome, some average, some ugly) ever heard back from any women.

If all of the women they show at the website are really looking for affairs, then why are they so reluctant to answer “winks” and other virtual greetings? Not one ever heard back from anyone, and that’s just not normal. Something’s very wrong at Ashley Madison, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that men are being subjected to a big, fat Ashley Madison scam.

Once in a while, when expensive credits run dry, you get weird, dubious message from girls that start to pour in again that I now believe are just “bots”; after all, the greetings are always simple phrases (“Let’s Chat!) and there were never photos are anything believable to go along with the greetings.

If you want to open the full messages, you need to spend more cash just to see what these “women” have to say. Then, if you fall for this cruel aspect of the whole Ashley Madison scam, you open these “bot” messages, and never here from these so-called “ladies” again. Talk about anger and frustration! Opening an account at Ashley Madison will be a recipe for complete aggravation and irritation, and no, you will not get laid.

Real Ashley Madison Reviews Will Always Be Negative

Glowing Ashley Madison reviews are just another part of the dirty Ashley Madison scam; after all, they can’t attract new “suckers” without these bogus stories. Take it from me – any real reviews about this adult dating website will always be negative. To get real adult dating services that don’t leave you broke and angry, try JustHookup, the only site I’ve had any success on.